Monk.e.Wise - The Best After School Activity Center for Kids.

Imagine a world where your child will imbibe the depth of Indian culture through the ancient scriptures without feeling burdened with information. Where children gain knowledge that will help them grow into healthy, responsible citizens of a global 'India of Tomorrow.'

Where is this place that will make your child's personality bloom?

Learning at Monk.e.Wise, you become a part of the MONKYMONK WORLD. It is a space where knowledge, spirituality, and all-round development are key.

We, at Monk.e.Wise, have carefully curated a curriculum that spans across multiple intelligence levels. This enables each child to grasp concepts as per her or his learning ability.

We know that each child has one or more special talents. We help in identifying them by facilitating and developing through progressive methodology to understand each child's intelligence type.

Each child is individually evaluated at Monk.e.Wise to tap the potential, at the right age, to be an all rounder through the nourishment of mind, body, and soul. The right guiding hand makes all the difference.

Let us be that guide and chaperone your child towards a happy, and curiously healthy mind.

Monk.e.Wise's WORLD


'Monks' are the epitome of maturity. However, we believe that maturity does not necessarily have to come with age. It can come when there is a clear understanding of life's goals and discipline.


The 'e' stands for the important role that technology plays in these efforts of education.


The main mission of this journey is to mould young children into 'wise' personalities who will have a strong sense of making the right choices.

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Monk + e + Wise = Monk.e.Wise

Phonetically, Monk.e.Wise resonates with 'monkey.'
Our MONKYMONKS are symbolic for fun, curiosity, and
playfulness with intelligence

What to expect at Monk.e.Wise

The programme is creating an after school engagement world.
It is for children from 3 years of age up to 9 years.
A curriculum with interesting topics through highly interactive media.
This can be done for a time period ranging from one month up to one year.
Each session lasts an hour or slightly longer.
Eight sessions usually cover one topic over a one- month time period.

The curriculum has been carefully curated keeping in
mind the diverse aptitude level of children.

The topics cover three core aspects:

Mo Maya Children Education Center Gurgaon, Children Activity & Learning Classes for Creche
Worship &
Respect Yourself
Mo Maya Children Education Center Gurgaon, Children Activity & Learning Classes for Creche
Worship &
love your Country
Mo Maya Children Education Center Gurgaon, Children Activity & Learning Classes for Creche
Worship & appreciate
Nature and the
universe beyond
Monkewise Fun n Learn for Kids, Monkymonk World After School Activity Gurgaon, Monk.e.Wise After School Activity Center

Vision and Mission


Empowering children with Values, Knowledge and skills that help them grow into Confident and Wise citizens of global 'India of Tomorrow' through Holistic development of mind, body and soul.


To impart Value-based learning to children through a blend of thoroughly Researched and Creatively Designed programme, which ensures memorable learning experience involving Interactive Media and Latest technology, making the programme all the more fun.


As a parent, I want the best for my child

Every child is special and unique. It stems from the nourishment of mind, body and soul. The guiding hand makes all the difference though. We are the guide that chaperone your child towards a happy, and curiously healthy mind.

Our sessions are built on the foundation of enabling healthy choice for intelligent, responsible and aware citizens of the world. While we believe rituals and traditions tie us to our roots, we also try unearthing the logic and significance behind them. By attempting to teach the relevance of our ancient Indian knowledge in the modern day scenario, we make learning relevant and engaging for our students.

Monk.e.Wise is designed with a blend of thorough research, curation of a finely balanced curriculum with technology intensive, interactive unique media for fun learning. Every lesson is taught in a playful manner with the help of modern technology. We ensure that the knowledge they receive is coming from the right source, presented in the best possible format, and is simple enough to be retained throughout their lifetime.

The Monk.e.Wise journey involves value-centric learning. The essence of our curriculum lies in the holistic development of the child.
Monk-e-Wise Fun n Learn Activities for Kids, Monkewise Fun n Learn for Kids
MeW Fun n Learn Activities for Kids Gurgaon
As a parent, the greatest tool you can give your children is to
think for themselves, acquaint them with empathy, and instill compassion.
Monk.e.Wise is a programme that focuses on a value system as the
backbone of all the teachings imparted.


As an educationist, I want to see my students become successful

As a responsible educationist, devising a curriculum for children to gain the best education is of prime importance. In India, certain teaching formats exist, like syllabi tied to regulatory norms. Monk.e.Wise is a tour for the visual senses for children and teachers alike. Our sessions act as reinforcement similar to a child's experience during a museum visit.

Monk.e.Wise is an after school engagement programme that wishes to impart value-based learning to children and give them a memorable learning experience through interactive media, high-tech tools and live experiences. The curriculum revolves around sharpening the intellect of the child. By going in deep into our universe, the children will be able to appreciate the energy that drives all of us.

We would love to be associated with schools and individuals who believe in our philosophy, as we collaborate with you towards shaping future leaders of India.

Learning on Wheels for Kids Gurgaon, Monkewise Fun n Learn for Kids
Chanakya, the great philosopher and teacher, wanted his students to think
strategically in any given situation…While learning about this from his
grandfather, a child asked, "Can strategic thinking really be developed?"
His grandpa replied, "The best way to develop strategic thinking is to…
play games!!"


I believe in your mission and i want to be a part of it

If you like what has been shared and would like to join us in our goals of creating a well- balanced
future generation of India, come be a part of Monk.e.Wise. Join us as a teacher.

Call 011 - 39595009 or email us and we will be happy get in touch with you.
You could also visit our centre, to know more about our teaching plans.

Monkewise Fun n Learn for Kids, Learning on Wheels for Kids Gurgaon

The people behind Monk.e.Wise

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm

Sandhya Katyal

Chief Executive Officer

"At Monk.E.Wise, we have creative learning tools to leave an impact. From the customized artwork, 3- D models, puppets, interactive technology and a lot more. Monk.E.Wise shall help children learn on a dynamic platform. What this generation will learn while having fun, will stay with them for good."

Driven by an ambition to bring a transformation in the society, Sandhya is passionate about providing better education to children. As the CEO of Monk.E.Wise she is involved in every aspect of the invention of this programme. With a business family background, she is very efficient in Project Management and Strategy Execution. At Monk.e.Wise, she is committed to help our children become wise and independent citizens of a 'Global India of Tomorrow.'

She gets her business acumen from her father Mr. Jatender Mehta, the Chairman-cum Managing Director of Omax Group. She is married to Mr. Ritesh Katyal, who is an entrepreneur in the handicraft trade.

Sandhya is a Commerce graduate from Delhi University. She worked closely with Delhi based Non-profit Organization, "Youth Reach," for the empowerment of the underprivileged children and youth. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, she has been instrumental in establishing a successful e-Commerce brand in the home décor segment.


Sakshi M. Kaura

Chief Creative & Strategy Officer

"Monk.E.Wise creates an engaging medium for children to retain complex subjects for life. The value-based learning is taught in a simple manner to plant the seed for ethical and intellectual stimulation."

Sakshi is the creative and strategic brain behind Monk.e.Wise. She drives all her business ventures with the same passion which propels her to achieve all her targets. At Monk.e.Wise, she fuses her creative sensibilities, business acumen, and strategic thinking to craft an innovative, technologically intensive, and exciting repertoire of tools to create "leaders of tomorrow."

Her father, Mr. Jatender Mehta, inspires Sakshi. He has set up and continues to lead as Chairman-cum Managing Director at the Omax Group. She is married to Mr. Puneet Kaura, MD & CEO of Samtel Avionics Ltd.

Sakshi attained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management Studies from IILM, New Delhi. She played a pivotal role in expansion and diversification of the business for the Omax Group. The Group is recognized as a leading manufacturer of Automotive Components in India. Sakshi spearheads the leadership as Joint Managing Director, Omax Group.


Monk.e.Wise Team

In one word, the behind-the-scenes team of Monk.e.Wise can be defined as "driven." The team comprises of the best creative minds from the industry, technical wizards, animators, robotics and puppetry experts, filmmakers, 3D model/ game designers, creative writers, artists, teachers, and mentors. All our experts come together to construct a world full of wonder, imagination, and learning stimuli. Their collective efforts result in a Monkymonk Universe– a space where knowledge, spirituality, and all-round development are key.



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15th May 2017

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